Boost your lung health

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Instructors: Dr.Pratim Sengupta

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Why this course?


This is an online exercise programme for those who have Covid infection,recovered from corona or also for  prevention of corona,or for someone suffering from COPD,Bronchail Asthma or any respiratory tract infection.

We all know that corona is a serious Pandemic that have impacted millions of lives in the world.The impact of corona is different in different age groups.In youngs and teenagers the disease is mild but in elderly person or for those who have comormidities like diabetes,hypertension,COPD,etc gets badly affected.Lung is the primary epicentre of corona where it first invades and starts its manifestations.Lung is an important organ that purifies blood,absorbs O2 and releaseses CO2 from the blood.Once Corona invades lungs,it damages the aleveoli (air sacks) of the lungs.Corona activates cascades of inflammatory pathways,that remains activated even after the virus goes away.In young people the recovery is fast but in elderly or with someone with comorbidity the recovery is slow and inflmmatory pathways remains activated for days to weeks.This inflammatory molecules starts lung fibrosis(damage to lung tissues).And there is no definite treatment.

Side by side patients suffering from COPD,Asthma have compromised lung function and they often strive life on inhalers and medications.They are prone to respiratory tract infections including Covid.Other than spirometry there is no such exercise to imporve lung function in medicine.

Breathing exercise is the only way to regenerate the dead tissues of the lungs,boost repisratory immunity and help someone to recover form covid faster or from any respiratory tract infection.It improves quality of life for COPD and bronchial asthma patients.

In this programme different techniques of breathing exercise including simple breathing techniques to basic parnayamas are taught in a very simple way by Dr.Pratim Sengupta.

Join this programme and boost your lungs immunity

Course Curriculum

Introduction (6:00) Preview
Introduction to the course
How lungs get affected by Corona virus?
What are the precautions to be taken during the exercises? (3:00)
Breathing exercise: Preparatory step
3 stages of breathing exercise (4:00)
3 stages of panting exercise (3:00)
Blowing air forcefully (2:00)
Holding your breath (4:00)
Deep breathing exercises activating all muscles of respiratory tract
chest expansion exercise with forward arm stretching (2:00)
Chest expansion exercise with one hand at a time above head
Chest expansion exercise with both hand on top of head (2:00)
Namaskar Mudra (3:00)
Singhasana (6:00)
Introduction to Abdominal breathing (6:00)
Abdominal Breathing supine posture (2:00)
Abdominal Breathing Sitting posture
Prone position breathing (2:00)
Introduction to yogic breathing (4:00)
Yogic Breathing (3:00)
Kapalbhati (4:00)
Nadi Sodhan Pranayam (2:00)
Relaxation in Shabasana (10:00)
Gayathri Mantra (2:00)

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