The Kidney Care Society

"It is not simply giving medicines which ultimately takes care of well being of the patient"

Dr.Pratim Sengupta

As one of the leading Nephrologists in the Country, Dr. Pratim Sengupta’s journey revolves around treating people suffering from kidney diseases. It is his long association with people struggling with kidney problems that led him to take a bigger step, one that would not only help his patients but keep people from succumbing to kidney related maladies in the first place. The Kidney Care Society, dedicated to spreading awareness about kidney diseases and early detection and prevention of the same, is his brain child.

The society was officially formed on 6th February, 2011. The data related to kidney disease was alarming enough to catch the attention of a noted Nephrologist like Dr. Sengupta. 

The Kidney Care Society is focused to prevent and arrest the progression of the kidney disease by educating our community and other Stakeholders.

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