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Dr.Pratim Sengupta

The Kidney Care Society is Brain Child of Dr Pratim Sengupta, an Young dynamic Nephrologist from India. The society is dedicated toward preventing Kidney disease and uplifting quality  of life of Kidney disease Patients. With great effort The Kidneycare Society has started multiple patient education courses , Courses for technicians, Courses for Dietitians So that every one can enrich themselves in their respective field and serve better.




A journey towards fullfilmeNt


Art of living with diabetes

Diabetes education programme



"Yoga is a preparation for getting yourselves ready how to dive inside our mind in the deeper level,and get the answer of the question-



Welcome To Art of living With Diabetes .This is one of the most precisised , targeted and result oriented diabetic education course covering every aspect of diabetes care. I have designed the course in a way so that everyone can understand.. The teaching method is unique , we have designed audiovisual for you covering eevry aspect of diabetes care, scientific informations provided here, are precise and presented in a lucid way so that the knowledge goes deep in your understanding If You are diabetic or any one of your near and dear one in family is suffering from diabetes I think this is the best decision You have taken to get enrolled in this couse. You may or maynot be aware of the fact that Diabetes is a Global epidemic . Right now 500.million people all over the world is suffering from diabetes. In India more than 75million people are badly affected by diabetes. One fundamental understanding must be clear by this time that Diabetes ia chronic disease, initially it has no symptoms but over time it has potential to damage every organ of our body, be it our heart, kidney , liver , nerves, eyes. Dont underestimate diabetes diabetes being a disease of abnormal blood sugar only. Adverse impact and negetive outcome are reflected in everyaspects of our health. By the time you are listening me may be 30-40 people is no more due to diabetes or diabetes related complications As per WHO every minute 6 peoples are dying from diabetes. I believe right knowledge is the best weapon to fight against any problem, same is true for diabetes also. Me and my team has designed this Art of Living with Diabetes course meticulously to keep you safe from diabetes or its complications. Please take every benifit of this course.

Knowledge Is Strength.

Welcome to Academy Of KidneyCare 
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Under supervision of Dr.Pratim Sengupta

Mukti is a stepwise approach under Medical supervision of Dr.Patim Sengupta (MD-Med,DM-Nephrology) to establish complete balance between Body, Mind, Breath and Spirit

Scientific implementation of ancient Yogic wisdom

Its a scientific implementation of ancient Yogic wisdom under medical supervision for holistic health

Avail the entire course sitting at your home

You can avail the entire course sitting at your home, interact with our specialized doctors and trainer for any problem.

One to one assessment and guidance 

The course offers individualized One to One assessment and understanding the medical condition specific Yoga and exercise is advised.


 eBooks on Covid,Diabetes,potassium 


Low potassium Recipie book

Coming soon!

A complete guide to kidney stone

Visit: https://www.thekidneycaresociety.com/

Potassium calculator

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Mukti- A journey towards FULFILLMENT

"The   soul always  knows what to do to heal itself.The challenge is to silence the mind"

participants REVIEWS


I am from Jaipur and the distance never seemed to be a challenge. I thank Dr. P. Sengupta and his team for this wonderful online MUKTI class as they gave me new life after kidney transplant. After doing the classes for a regular interval I feel charged up, my blood pressure remains in control. My insulin intake is reduced by 4U and I get undisturbed sleep at night.


I am under Dr. Sengupta’s treatment for 1 and half years. The best part of his treatment is that it focuses majorly on diet and yoga. The exercises that are recommended in MUKTI online helped me to keep my blood pressure in control and now I take lower dose of my hypertension medication.


I am grateful to sir. The most striking part of this treatment method is his ever-smiling face. I have really got benefitted from this yoga class. After each yoga session I feel very energetic and stress-free. This has helped me to sustain good health.

To a mind that is still,the whole universe surrenders


An online Diabetes Education Program 

"Knowledge is the best gift someone can offer"

Learn anywhere, anytime

Learners can also download our app and watch classes in offline mode.

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E.Mail: savekidneyinfo@gmail.com

PHONE: +91 9830506054

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