Art of Living with Diabetes(Level-1)

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Language: English

Instructors: Dr.Pratim Sengupta

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Why this course?


10reason why this course is unique?

1.Practical, goal oriented and simplistic diabetic educational content

2.Simple audio-visual format so that everyone can understand

3.All participant will access to live Q and A session with Dr.Sengupta.

4.Mind games related to the course content

5.Our specialised nutritionist will be just a call away for nutritional counselling 

6.Oppertunities to interact with the expert in periodic live sessions

7.Group meetings conducted as and when required

8.Continuous assistance available

9.Yoga class specially designed for diabetic patients

10.Awards for achievers. 


You will be shocked to know that around Five Hundred Million of the world population is affected with diabetes and and by 2045 this will rise to 700 million. Unfortunately, India is the diabetic capital of the world. India currently represents 49 percent of the world’s diabetes burden, with an estimated 72 million cases in 2017, a figure expected to almost double to 134 million by 2025. Diabetes prevalence has increased by 64 percent across India over last to decades

Diabetes is a silent killer.Majority of diabetes related complications have no symptoms.If we do not pay right attention today,we and our dear and near one may be affected by diabetes unknowingly in future.

Why should you empower yourself in diabetes awareness programme?

You may be a victim of diabetes silently or any of your dear and near may get affected by diabetes related renal failure,diabetic heart disease or liver disease due to diabetes at any time without your knowledge. If you have the right knowledge your can prevent yourself and your dear and near one from diabetes and its harmful consequences.

Do you know how deadly is diabetes? Look at the fact below

More than 1 million Indians die of diabetes and diabetes related complication a year.68 % of people with diabetes die from some form of heart disease,16% die of stroke.30% Type 1 and 10-40% type 2 diabetes may suffer from diabetic nephropathy. Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness in adults. One in 20 deaths is attributable to diabetes; 8,700 deaths every day; six deaths every minute (WHO).

Is prevention of diabetes very complicated and does it require high tech setup?

The preventive measures that needs to be incorporated is indeed very simple and doable with the right awareness plan. It indeed does not require any high technological setup nor a strong medical or scientific background. These simple things are needed to fight the villain.

  • A strong willpower and determination.
  • Empowering with the right knowledge.
  • Importance of right healthy diet.
  • Necessary and needful lifestyle modifications.
  • Dangerous symptoms to be aware of.
  • When to contact your physician

Why should you do this course?

To save yourself and your family member from harmful consequences of diabete. Knowledge is the key to prevent diabetes. This is the sole reason for starting this education program. Diabetes education has proven to pay off. This is because people who are rightfully educated on their disease have

  • Better knowledge to prevent diabetes for yourself and for your family.
  • Gains proper insights on when to take and how to take the anti diabetic medicines.
  • Can Rightfully controls their blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol levels
  • Has lower health expenses compared to ones who do not have right knowledge on diabetes

How is this course different from other available course on diabetes?

This diabetic program has been specifically designed for patients and the lucid and vernacular language would aid in their better understanding. You will be under the guidance of Dr.Pratim Sengupta, renowned nephrologist of the country. Dr.Sengupta has himself designed each module meticulously, he has thrown lights on each segments based on his immense clinical expertise,he has gained over last 20 years.He knows each pinpoints of a diabetic patient as he has seen thousands of diabetic patient over the years and has tried to impart right knowledge in every aspects of diabetes. The course will be conducted online with the audio & visuals and the 24x7 online support. You can do the course at any of your convenient time. After each session an evaluation will also be performed to ensure you are ready to go to the next level.


Course Curriculum

Why should you do this course? Preview
Introduction to Art of Living with diabetes Preview
What we expect from you? (4:00) Preview
Code of conduct (5:00) Preview
Diabetes education programme Module 1
Introduction to Lecture 1-Overview of diabetes
Overview of diabetes-Lecture 1
Take home points of lecture 1
Assignment on lecture 1 Overview of Diabetes
Risk factors of Diabetes Lecture 2 (11:00)
Assignment on Risk factors of diabetes Lecture 2 (3:00)
Importance of Self Monitoring of blood glucose Lecture 3 (2:00)
Importance of Home Blood Sugar Monitoring-Lecture 3 (4:00)
Introduction to glucometer (2:00)
How to use a glucometer?
Assignment on Self Monitoring of Blood Glucose (4:00)
SMBG CHART (2 pages)
Pathophysiology of diabetes Lecture 4
Take home point on Pathophysiology of diabetes
Diabetes Module 1-information booklet (6 pages)
Have you completed Module-1
Essential tools (12:00)
Pulse oxymeter another essential tool (2:00)
Deep understanding of Fasting blood sugar (16:00)
Dawn and Samogi Phenomenon (10:00)
Deep understanding of Post Prandial Blood sugar (8:00)
Deep understanding of HbA1C (14:00)
Blood pressure Introduction (3:00)
Hypertension (27:00)
Few important points regarding blood pressure measurement (13:00)
Body Mass Index (10:00)
Waist Hip Ratio (10:00)
How to use monofilament for assessment of neuropathy?
Diabetic foot screening test (1 pages)
Diabetes severity score
Risk factors assessment for Non Diabetics
Score sheet for Risk factor assessment (3 pages)
Have you completed Module-2
Introduction to Module 3 (Motivation) (21:00)
Setting your goal (24:00)
Earl Nightingale Introduction (9:00)
The Strangest Secret, Earl Nightingale English
The Strangest Secret in the World (Earl Nightingale) Hindi (44:00)
Decoding Earl Nightingale's speech Part 1 (71:00)
Decoding Earl Nightingale's speech Part 2 (40:00)
Motivation to win (11:00)
Introduction to Nutrition in diabetes (23:00)
Food and Diabetes (15:00)
Know your food plate (21:00)
Deep understanding of Carbohydrates (17:00)
Deep understanding of Protein (20:00)
Deep understanding of Fat (14:00)
Vitamins (18:00)

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