MUKTI - An initiative to touch the inner unexplored dimension of every ones life

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Language: English

Instructors: Dr.Pratim Sengupta

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Why this course?


MUKTI is an unique blend of ancient Yogic Wisdom with modern physiologic understanding of human body. Designed by Dr Pratim Sengupta, an world famous nephrologist from India and crafted keeing all the challanges of renal failure patients in mind, This is a life changing course for implementing principles and practice of yoga in your day to day life,and get immense benifit from ancient Indian Yoga. This course is designed in a way that it helps  to alleviate all the common physiscal mental and emotional problems of any  renal failure patients. Practice of MUKTI tremedously helps  for improving  energy level, building positive attitute toward life, combat depression, achiving more vigor and resilience in body. Reduction in blood pressure, good sleep and improving digestive functions are well observed benifits among the practitioners of MUKTi.  

Course Curriculum

Introduction to MUKTI
Introduction to Mukti Preview
Prerequisities for Mukti (5:00) Preview
Mukti Brochure (20 pages) Preview
Understanding your body and mind
Introduction to Sahana Bhavatu (2:00)
Santi Mantra (4:00)
Understanding our body and mind (1 pages)
Stretching exercise
Introduction to stretching exercise (3:00)
Benefits of Stretching Exercise
Forward Arm Stretching (2:00)
Stretching of Arm Above Head (2:00)
Lateral Trunk Stretching (2:00)
Stretching of Arm With Elbow Lock (2:00)
Stretching of Arm on Top of Head With Rotation (2:00)
Crocodile Stretch in Sitting position (2:00)
Crocodile Stretch in Supine position (3:00)
Stretching of Legs Sitting on Chair (2:00)
Deadbug (3:00)
Stretching exercise (5 pages)
Joint movement exercise
Introduction to joint movement exercise (2:00)
Benefits of Joint Movement Exercises (2:00)
Shoulder Rotation (3:00)
Neck Rotation (5:00)
Elbow movement
Wrist movement
Finger Movement
Body twisting in sitting position
Hip Rotation (2:00)
Knee Movement
Ankle Rotation
Ardhatitliasana (3:00)
Leg Cycling
Joint Movement Exercise (6 pages)
Isometric exercise
Introduction to isometric exercise (3:00)
Benefits of Isometric Exercises (2:00)
Isometric Contraction of Wrist Forearm and Arm Muscle (2:00)
Isometric Contraction of Chest Muscle
Isometric Contraction of Back Muscle
Isometric Contraction of Hip Thigh Muscle
Isometric Contraction of Calf and Foot Muscle
Tapping entire body
Isometric Exercise (5 pages)
Abdominal breathing
Introduction to abdominal breathing (7:00)
Abdominal breathing in supine position (2:00)
Abdominal breathing in sitting position
Abdominal breathing (1 pages)
Introduction to yogic breathing (5:00)
Yogic breathing (3:00)
Yogic Breathing (1 pages)
Kapalbhati (4:00)
Bhastrika and kapalbhati (3 pages)
Introduction to OM chanting (9:00)
Om chanting (9:00)
Introduction to sabhasan (4:00)
Relaxation in Shabasana (10:00)
Introduction to Gayatri Mantra (4:00)
Gayathri Mantra (2:00)

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